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Benefits of building a site with e-commerce solutions

1. Setting up your shopping cart

An ecommerce shopping cart simplifies the payment making process by acting as a facilitator between the payment gateways and the main website. It also acts as a caretaker of the customers, helping them to find their way to various facilities. You’ll have the ability to accept payments with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and other major credit cards.

2. Manage Accounts and orders better

Your customers’ credit card and transaction information will get the security that matches as of banks. You’ll be able to calculate shipping rates and taxes automatically.

3. Track and analyze sales

E-commerce solutions make it easy to track your web traffic and sales. You can see:

  • Where visitors to your site come from
  • How people find your online store
  • Which products are popular among your customers?
4. Manage on the go

Need to leave your desktop? Not to worry—you’ll have the ability to fulfill orders, look up customers and manage your inventory from your mobile device.

How can we help your E-commerce businesses?

Other than providing you with complete e-commerce solution we can help you renew your old software, manage it or bring latest advancements in it and dealing with all the problems you face in bringing growth to your company. So, what are the challenges e-commerce companies face and how can we provide solutions for those?

1. An absence of online identity verification.

By taking the proper steps to verify the customer’s information.

First of all, look out for signs of suspicious activity. This could take the form of particularly high value or large orders, Identify fake phone numbers and email addresses, check whether zip codes match with the state/city. Send a verification link when a customer signs up, via text message or email, to validate the customer is genuine. Integrated measures like OTP and sign up through social ids in the application can help in this.

2. Delivering an omnichannel customer experience.

We equip our team with the right technology and up to date, visual engagement tools which will enable your organization to serve customers across all touchpoints, channels, and journeys. We will provide you with a cross-platform software which will have a common backend providing your customers ease of use and contact via their preferred channels, phone, email, live chat, video call, online help centers or in-app messaging.

3. Stuck in at the old school way of approach to selling.

Integration with prominent market-places like Amazon and E-Bay to provide easy approach to your products. Visitor segmentation allows e-commerce companies to identify and communicate with visitors based on their customer journey, past conversations, geographical location, browsing behavior, referral page, and much more to offer them a personalized service.

4. Shopping cart abandonment.

Your shopping cart should provide great user experience in terms of its design and interface, must be easy to use and only necessary fields to fill by the user to make the process fast.

5. Maintaining customer loyalty.

Create blogs, they help build trust. Make customer service a priority over profit. Remember, it’s easier to maintain an existing customer than to find a new one. Create loyalty programs. The points can’t be transferred to other companies, so the customer will have to purchase from you.

6. The headache of product return and refund.

Add a live chat option to your ecommerce platform and also easy payment and money transfer methods.

7. The struggle of competing on price and shipping.

To survive in a competitive market, e-commerce companies need to distribute their inventory to fulfillment warehouses, become extremely resourceful shippers, or find some unique products to minimize this problem. Ultimately every online shopper expects free and fast shipping at the lowest price. We can manage this overhead by providing you with such a solution which can assist you in managing those multi-warehouses and making sure that the required products are always present when needed.

8. A problem of data security.

Prioritizing big data security low and putting it off till later stages of big data adoption projects isn’t always a smart move. People don’t say “Security’s first” for no reason. At the same time, ensuring big data security comes with its concerns and challenges, which is why it is more than helpful to get acquainted with them. We can manage own servers for you to ensure security.

Final Words

Try thinking about your audience who don’t work normal hours or who are too busy to pop into a shop to buy something. E-commerce store will allow you to attract those who may have odd work schedules or who don’t have much time to shop in-person.

Aiksol can be an optimum partner if you want an ecommerce solution for your business. We have a renowned name in the ecommerce industry. We have developed online stores for clients who were based on the ecommerce model.

Our website developers are extensively experienced in constructing such sites with all the necessary functionalities. If you want to talk to them then click here and avail their free consultation services.